THE START started in 1999 as a specialist online travel company with the TOURVEST group and over the years it has quietly gone about it's business of providing a variety of services and products to it's loyal followers. At the time, the South African internet travel market was tiny with little over a couple of hundred thousand users. There was no critical mass to justify launching an expensive world class internet travel facility. Today, however, with over 6 million internet users, hundreds of online companies and loads of techno friendly suppliers, the time is right - and it's our time.


One of the things that set us apart from any of our competitors is our backing. As a division of TOURVEST - South Africa's Leading Tourism Company - we enjoy the benefits of preferred relationships and pricing from ALL of the quality travel suppliers in the market. From airlines, hotels, car rental companies, tour operators, and other industry players to the fellow Companies within the group, enjoys the unique name that is TRAVEL. Our sister companies within our division includes industry leaders in American Express Global Business TravelSeekers TravelMaties TravelGo TravelIndoJet Travel and WorldWide Travel Brokers. Impressive... we know! Rest assured that your holiday is in the hands of professionals.                             

Whether you're looking for flights, accommodation, car hire, tours or a combination of these elements, provides you with an outstanding and unrivalled variety of options and combinations - all in one place.

Backed by the bulk buying powerof Tourvest, are able to provide you with the best available rates and in the rare occurence where the offline price is better, we've got you covered with our offline travel experts.

Whether you need some assistance with a booking, have already booked and are enjoying your trip or need some help with a custom itinerary or holiday, our skilled and experience travel consultants are always available to assist.

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