Top 10 things I'd love to do in the Maldives

Just saying the name out loud “The Maldives” conjures up images of white sandy beaches, clear skies and cobalt blue waters. For some reason, every time I say “Maldives” is tend to lean back – way back – in my reclining chair, which brings more vivid colour to my mind, and this includes exotic foods, tropical drinks, and tons of water sport fun. Having never visited the islands, it’s fair to say that it is right up close to the top of my bucket list, as I am sure it for many other people and having already experience Mauritius, the Maldives seems like a step up.

Located just 400km of the southern tip of India (that’s the same distance between Joburg and Bloemfontein), the Maldives boasts over 1,000 islands and is a haven for all types of travellers. Resorts are usually located on their own island with their own unique restaurants, bars, and even spa centres. The variety on offer is amazing and if you’re having a hard time deciding on where to go, rather speak to an expert. As for the rest, we let the pictures do all the talking. 


  1. Swimming with Manta Rays in Hanifaru Bay
    Hanifaru Bay is a sea (marine) reserve in Baa Atoll under the protection of UNESCO. This is the only place where you can see up to 200 manta rays.
  2. Swimming with Whale Sharks
    The average size of this fish on Maldives varies from 6 to 10 meters. These sharks move very slowly so that you can easily swim as close as you want. Don’t worry these sharks are absolutely safe because they eat plankton.
  3. See glowing plankton
    This is rather a rare but an extremely fascinating phenomena which you can observe in the moonlight which provokes the plankton to move.
  4. Diving with Hammerhead Sharks
    You’ll find only a few spots on Maldives where you can meet hammerhead sharks. One of these places belongs to Bathala Resort, Addu Atoll. This is the kind of adventure reserved for James Bond movies. 
  5. Underwater massage
    We’ve all seen the pictures on facebook and instagram where some resorts have built these amazing underwater rooms surrounded by glass walls that are staring into the beautiful turquoise ocean. An underwater spa experience is high on the list.
  6. Sea plane Safari
    Take a Seaplane Tour – A cross between a plane and helicopter, this seems like a super fun and quick way to see nearly the entire 1,200 island in the Maldives plus the atoll and reefs.
  7. Dive off a balcony
    A must on the list is to stay in a luxury water villa, where the first thing you can do in the morning, is leap off your private balcony, straight into the Indian Ocean, and head back up for a coffee.
  8. Private beach picnic
    Indulge in a picnic hamper full of Maldivian delicacies and treats, couple with chilled tropical drinks on a private beach or sandbank surrounded by nothing but the warm Indian ocean.
  9. Fly boarding
    What better place in the world to try out fly boarding. It’s the kind of activity reserved for pop music videos and seems like a truck load of fun.
  10. Enjoy a Dhoni Sunset
    A dhoni is a Maldivian-designed boat used for fishing and transport of passengers or goods and was traditionally a sailing craft with a graceful tall curved prow. The perfect way to experience a traditional sundowner – the Island way!

courtesy of @youradventure_guy

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