Barter for a Bargain in Phuket

This is just sample of the kind of things you can get if you barter well. Please note that these prices are a reflection of someone else’s trip and experience and not your own. If you’re Australian or British, you have no chance of getting a discount – but then again, with those currencies, you don’t really need a discount. Don’t shop in Phuket – there isn’t much variety and Bangkok is much better for this. But if you absolutely want to buy stuff, rather head to the Phuket Night Market in Phuket Town. It takes place every Saturday between 4 – 10pm. It has much better deals and everything is in one (enormous) market.

Four Island Tour: approximately THB1000 per person or R380 per person
Fantastic value for money (See "Phuket's 4 island tour" for a description). Choose a travel agent anywhere in Phuket. You will them everywhere. We chose the one opposite Jungceylon Mall in Patong. The more people you are the lower the price you can negotiate. Also, they will ask where the transfer should pick you up and if you’re staying at a posh hotel, they will know so they will charge you more. Rather tell them you’re at another not so nice hotel and either get them to pick you up there or ask them to pick you up at the mall entrance and say you’re staying at a hostel. Say it’s you last day and you don’t have much cash left – might also help.

Private Minibus Taxi: approximately THB1000 per day or R380 per day
You will find these parked all around the island (just to be clear, this is the minibus taxis, and not the tuk tuks). The price we got was for the day and we visited Tiger Kingdom, Gem Museum, Big Buddha, Wat Chalong Temple and a few hours at the beach. The only condition was that the driver had to take us to one of his ‘friends’ stores where, if we purchased anything, he got some commission. We were 8 people so for under R50 per person, we had transport for the whole day – amazing.

Jet Ski: approximately THB600 for 30 minutes or R220 per 30 minutes
We chose Kata Beach for this as these guys have a good reputation for not ripping tourists off. Not a bad price. Don’t be scared to buy some beers for the guys – it will cost you an extra R50 but they will gladly throw in an extra 30 minutes.

Parasailing: approximately TH500 per person or R200 per person
Same as with the Jet Ski – throw in some beers and you can have another go. Once you’ve done it, you will probably want to do it again.

courtesy of @youradventure_guy

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